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We take full control of the arrangement for your house staff. Do not search for hours on websites. You only get candidates for which we are 100% percent sure would make a good match. Candidates on which you can build and trust. No endless administrational work. You just have to tell us where and who you are looking for.

Total unburdening when selecting your ideal support

1. Advice

Depending on your needs for home, your children or yourself, we offer various services. Identifying your wishes and giving advice is our first priority. With over 11 years of experience, we helped thousands of families find the right flex nanny, personal assistant, housekeeper or health care provider.

2. Cost calculation

You pay a mediation fee for the services of Smiling Faces Private Services. As an employer you have to pay the flex nanny, personal assistant, housekeeper or health care provider yourself. The candidates who are mediated are not employed by us. The monthly costs for your help at home vary per service. Smiling Faces Private Services gives you a cost indication and also informs you about the employment conditions.

3. Intake conversation

Through a visit to your home or a Skype conversation we inform you extensively about the various programs we offer, we translate your needs for home help to our services. Skype calls can be scheduled in the evening.

4. Search

You pay a mediation fee for the services of Smiling Faces Private Services. This depends on your wishes regarding the candidate, and the experience and qualities that the candidate has. We ask you to make a ”live the life you love” week schedule. This entails that you create your own schedule, based on your own week. Per day, you have to list for which tasks and at which times you want to use the house staff. Based on this schedule we advice you on the best option for you. This leads us to the vacancy of your ideal candidate. The cooperation between you and Smiling Faces Private Services is laid down in a mediation agreement. You always pay 50% of our fee (SEARCH FEE) on assignment and 50% on the match (MATCH FEE).

5. Contact candidate & match

After signing the mediation agreement and creating a family profile, we present you with one, maximum of two, candidates. After a telephone or Skype call or personal meeting, you determine whether the flex nanny, personal assistant, housekeeper or care provider will suit you.

6. Administrative arrangements & preparation

After choosing the candidate, it is important that the candidate is guided properly to the Netherlands. Your flex nanny, housekeeper/manager, personal assistant or caregiver receives a free training manual and Dutch course. By self study, she can prepare herself for the arrival to the Netherlands. We also organize the necessary documents to quickly and safely go to work. For example insurance, employment contract, BSN number, Digi-D etc. You do not have to arrange anything yourself. We will take this out of your hands.

7. A fun year together

You are, of course, an employer. And although everything is communicated as clearly as possible in advance, there may still be questions. A telephone evaluation takes place three to four weeks after the start of the candidate if you wish. Smiling Faces Private Services has developed an Enjoy & Explore Holland program for the candidates: We keep in regular contact with your flex nanny, care provider, personal assistant or domestic help.

In 5 steps to a flex nanny, personal assistant, housekeeper or caregiver at home:

Advice & offer
Intake & choice service
Profile proposal
Personal meeting or via Skype
Administrative arrangements