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You want the best for your home and/or children. We advise you on the best solution for your family and unburden you with all the rules.

What can you expect from Smiling Faces?

A fantastic collaboration for both the family and the candidate is our mission. What can you expect from Smiling Faces Private Services?

Which solution suits us best?
Smiling Faces offers you various solutions to support you and / or your family. We will be happy to help you further in a personal meeting.

Which candidate suits our family best?
Which characteristics, experiences and skills are important to us from an au pair or house staff? After you have placed a search assignment with us, we draw up a profile together with you. Based on your profile, we match you with the right au pair or house staff from our database or actively look for a suitable candidate..

What can I expect from a candidate?
We inform the au pair, house staff and the family about the basis of the cooperation. The work varies per candidate. The responsibilities of an au pair are bound by fixed rules of the cultural exchange program. The tasks of the candidates from the work program (Flex nanny, housekeeper/manager, PA and/or caregiver) are determined in consultation. You will receive Tips for a pleasant cooperation during the search and match process.

How do we arrange all the administration around our candidate well?
You can expect support from us for any kind of administrative matters concerning your candidate, such as insurance, airline ticket, visa’s and contracts.

How to we clearify our expectations to our candidate?
Smiling Faces Private Services informs the candidates about the most important tasks and responsibilities by means of our training manual. We also provide you with handy tools for a pleasant cooperation. Of course you as a family are responsible for clearly communicating your tasks and responsibilities within your family. Preferably via a weekly schedule provided by us. The first month is really ‘learning the job’.

If our candidate is in the Netherlands, how can we Ensure that she gets in touch with other candidates?
Participation in our Enjoy & Explore Holland programma is a guaranteed success. Each candidate also receives a list of people who are already in the Netherlands via Smiling Faces.

If the cooperation between us and the candidate does not go well. Which role does Smiling Faces Private Services play?      We understand that you may experience problems in working with the au pair or house staff. As a family you are the first point of contact and it is the responsibility of the candidate and family to solve any questions and problems together. Of course we would always like to support you and the candidate and we would like to share our experience and knowledge in this area. For example, through our evaluation, 3 to 4 weeks after the start of your candidate, with tips or in more serious cases with a meeting at our office. In 99% of the problems, wrong expectations and miscommunication are the cause of problems. If the expectations are clear, the communication between both parties is clear and open and the intentions integer, there is a fantastic basis for a fun year together. See also our tips for a pleasant cooperation.