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Many customers wonder why an au pair candidate wants to come to the Netherlands. For our foreign candidates, it is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with our culture, language and customs. In addition, it contributes to an international experience for the candidates. Improving the English language and the possibility of traveling within Europe is also an important motive. Motivation can vary per candidate and country.

The au pair candidates come mainly from non-EU countries. They can only enter the Netherlands with a special au pair visa. Smiling Faces has its own offices abroad and many foreign partners who recruit and select the candidates for us. Our candidates come from South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru and Ukraine. All our partners are experienced in conducting a screening and guiding candidates.

Au pairs from South Africa are popular because many South African au pairs speak Afrikaans (comparable to Dutch) and / or Native English. Our au pairs from Indonesia can be described as caring, patient, calm and flexible. Au pairs from Latin America are praised for their extrovert and cheerful character.

Our candidates are selected based on the screening of their experience, skills, education, motivation and personality. All candidates speak English, German or Afrikaans and are very motivated and flexible. You will receive an extensive file about the candidates: an extensive interview report and evaluation of the screening of our local interviewer, personality test results (psychometric), medical statement, reference study, motivation letter and photographs. Meet our candidates and experience it yourself.

Smiling Faces screens au pair according to the guidelines of BONAPA (Branche Organisatie Nederlandse Au Pair Agentschappen) and the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service).