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The most precious thing you have

Good screening, based on a pleasant cooperation

You are looking for a sustainable and qualitative solution for your help at home. The basis of a successful collaboration starts with the recruitment of the right profile and a thorough selection / screening. For the selection of the right au pair or house staff you would like to receive complete and good information about skills, personality, experiences and education. Smiling Faces has a wide and experienced network, both in the Netherlands and abroad, to present you the suitable candidate, .

Screening of house staff

Our our pairs and house staff has been carefully recruited for you, screened and informed. The house staff candidates (such as: flex nanny, housekeeper/manager, PA and/or cargiver) are recruited from various European countries where we have close cooperation with various agencies. Au pair candidates are recruited outside the European Union.

Our house staff is thoroughly screened twice. First by our agents in the country of the house staff and then by our recruiters. Our agents have experience with thousands of candidates who want to go abroad for at least a year. They know better than anyone if an au pair or house staff is suitable for the program.

The house staff is selected on the basis of experience, skills, education, motivation and personality. All candidates speak English and are highly motivated and flexible. You will receive an extensive file about the candidate: an extensive interview report and assessment performed by our local interviewer, personality test results (personal flexibility / dilemmas), medical statement, reference study, motivation letter, photographs and a police clearance.

These documents are requested by our recruiters and then thoroughly checked. Once these documents have been approved, the next step can be taken.

Professional screening:

Experience & Rererences
Personality test
Police clearance
Social Media Check
Medical Declaration