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During the children’s peak hours an au pair is a nice support in the house. That’s how you start and end the day in a relaxed way. With an au pair there is still time left to do something fun with each other.

Au pair program

Rights and obligations of the au pair

The au pair should be treated as a family member. The au pair is part of the family and has come to the Netherlands as a part of a cultural exchange program. An au pair helps with taking care of the children and managing the household in exchange for cost coverage, a place to live and pocket money.

The au pair lives at your house and can work a maximum of 8 hours a day, 30 hours a week. Because this is a live-in candidate, it can be difficult to see the boundary between work and free time. Smiling Faces can help you to see this boundary clearly. An au pair is to be paid minimum 300 euro and maximum 340 euro.

An au pair is also entitled to 2 free days per week. These 2 free days should connect to the weekend at least once a month. The au pair is only allowed to look after the children for 3 nights maximum.

The au pair is entitled to a minimum of 2 weeks paid vacation, but this is only the case if she is staying in the Netherlands for 12 months. However, the au pair has to discuss these matters (on time) with her host family. Normally, the au pair goes on vacation when the family goes on vacation. If the au pair goes along with you on vacation, it is not considered as vacation for her.

The au pair is not allowed to have any other job, besides working for the family. She is only allowed to stay in the Netherlands for a period of 12 months, and has to go back to her home country.

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