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How we work

Smiling Faces guides you through the procedure step by step, from the moment you contact us until the moment that the candidate starts at your family or returns back home. To find a suitable solution for help in your home, we go through the steps below.

1. Advice

Depending on your wishes for your house, your children or yourself, we offer several services. Mapping your wishes and advising you in this is our first priority. You can specify your wishes using the application form, a telephonic intake or a house visit.

2. Cost calculation

For using the services of Smiling Faces you pay the mediation fee. The candidates that Smiling Faces guides are not employed by Smiling Faces. The costs for airline tickets, insurances, pocket money, etc. are paid for by the family.

For a complete overview, please find the cost overview here.

3. House visit

The costs for the house visit are 100 Euro’s. This amount will be counted against the mediation fee should you decide to place the assignment with us. The additional costs for the house visit are 0,26 cents per kilometre from Rotterdam. Our house visits can be planned during the daytime. Make an appointment now!

4. Search assignment

For the services of Smiling Faces you pay a mediation fee. This fee is dependant of your wishes for the candidate and the experience and the qualities the candidate has. The collaboration between you and Smiling Faces is established in the mediation agreement. You always pay 30% of our fee (search fee) upon placing the assignment and 70% when the match has been made (match fee).

5. Candidate contact & match

After signing the mediation agreement and creating a family profile we will present you one or multiple candidates. After a (telephone/Skype) conversation you chose the candidate that is the best fit for your family. After the match you pay the 70% of the Match fee. The match will be confirmed via a Match (Placement) Confirmation

6. Administrative arrangements

There are many administrative arrangements (visa, insurances, airline ticket, etc.) that have to be taken care of before the candidate can start in The Netherlands. Together with you, we will arrange for all these arrangements to be taken care of.

7. A fun year together

Three to four weeks after the start of the candidate we will have an evaluation call by telephone to discuss the collaboration between you and your au pair. Smiling Faces has developed an Enjoy & Explore program. This entitles the au pair to 5 national outings in her year to meet new friends and to learn more about the Dutch culture.


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