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Our house staff is knowledgeable and serviceable. Adapted to your wishes, we look for the ideal housekeeper / manager. That way your house is always in order.

House staff program

Do you have no children or older children living at home? Or have your children been out of the house for years? Do you travel regularly and do not want to leave your house unattended? In exchange for board, lodging and salary, the house staff supports you for 38 to 46hours with light and / or heavy domestic work or PA work such as:

• Tidying up and light cleaning.
• Cooking and grocery shopping.
• Washing, ironing and folding.
• Make breakfast, lunch, coffee or dinner.
• Maintain garden (mowing grass, weeding, etc.)
• Coordination of other people who work for you
• Light administrative work
• Possible other work in consultation

Recruiting and selecting the right domestic help takes a lot of time and energy. We can take that away for you and save you a lot of worries and time. Our foreign European candidates are happy to come to the Netherlands for you.

Interview report:

Sofia G. – Domestic Worker

”As a dedicated housekeeping professional with a 11 plus-year track record, I believe that I have extraordinary traits that could be beneficial. During my work as a housekeeper for some independent families I gained popularity owing to my extreme dedication to cleanliness of premises and the subsequent successes in maintaining the housekeeping standards. Housekeeping is not everyone’s ballgame but I have gotten to grips with it to the point of mastery”.