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After a long day at work, many tasks are waiting for you at home. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything is arranged at home when you get home. An au pair might not always meet your wishes for family support. That is why we also offer (live-in) House Staff (Flex Nanny, Housekeeper/manager, PA and/or caregiver) via our sister organization. Our House Staff program is a program fully based on your personal wishes.

House staff

Smiling Faces Private Services is a mediation agency that specializes in live-in and live-out house staff. The deployment of the house staff is fully geared to your home support needs for your children, household or yourself. You can determine the agreements yourself with the house staff. When, for how long, how many days, how many hours, what tasks and what reward. Of course you must comply with the working hours law. For more than 11 years we have been placing various types of house staff in families at home in the Netherlands and Belgium. From nannies, caregivers, personal assistants or domestic helpers.

Where from: from South or East Europe. The candidates are recruited through our recruiter network abroad or vacancy sites. The candidate does not need a work permit or visa to work in the Netherlands.

Employability: a very flexible work program from 28 hours to a maximum of 42 hours per week whereby you become the employer.

Work: perform all work that you agree with her / them. So childcare, both light and heavy housework or possibly administrative work.

Availability: min. 1 year and just as long as you enjoy working together. The recruitment and selection process takes about 4 to 6 weeks depending on the assignment.

Suitability: English speaking and willing to learn Dutch. They have sufficient experience and genuine interest in children / elderly / household / management and so on. The candidates are suitable not only for the tasks of your family, but also for the personality of your family. We measure this with an extensive personality test.

Motivation: We screen candidates extensively for their motivation to support your family and to work and live in the Netherlands.

Living in and out: You can opt for live-in or live-out house staff.

Driving license: The candidates have, if you wish, a driving license and, depending on their age, years of driving experience.


European candidates from South and East Europe and GB

5,5 days flexible use  

Flexible in work

Long-term cooperation

Good level of English  

Live-in or live-out

Carefully screened  

European driving license