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An au pair is a pleasant support for your family. The au pair program offers the au pair the chance to get to know our Dutch culture better. We offer an extensive au pair program to support your au pair in this process.


Our Enjoy & Explore Holland program helps

with making contact with others.

A nice year in the Netherlands is our mission. That is why we have developed a special Enjoy & Explore Holland program. This program offers various activities for au pairs to get in touch with each other, to discover the Netherlands and to receive support for questions and problems.

1. The au pairs have already been informed extensively about the program in the Netherlands by our foreign branches and partners.

2. All au pairs receive the Smiling Faces manual consisting of 120 pages. Many subjects are mentioned, in which information based on years of experience is shared.

3. Upon arrival there is a nice and useful welcome package for her at her new house. Through our closed Facebook group, the au pair can come into contact with other au pairs. As soon as the au pair arrives in the Netherlands, she is called by one of our employees for an information and welcome call. During the year we support the au pairs wherever needed.

4. We also give tips on fun outings in the Netherlands. Nothing more fun than discovering a new country together! The Enjoy & Explore program entitles you to five free national activities for the au pair. The card is purchased before arrival by the host family. The purchase of the card is mandatory because we consider it important that all our au pairs take part in the outings as part of the cultural exchange program. To compensate the host family for the costs of the card, our au pairs receive 320 euros of pocket money instead of 340 euros.

For more information you can check out our Event calendar. The au pairs must register via Facebook for these trips. They receive an invitation for this on time.

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 Event Calendar BONAPA 2018