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Every child conducts the best with regularity and attention and every parent with enough relaxation. Imagine coming home after a long working day: there is a delicious meal on the table and the house is tidy. You can sit down, put the children in bed and then enjoy your free evening. No, it is not a fairytale.

Rest in the house for children and parents with a live-in nanny

You have a busy family. You could actually use some support both in the houshold as with your children.

Are you looking for support who is more flexible and more professional than an au pair? Then a Flex Nanny could be a good solution.

The Flex Nanny is an European nanny / support (not Dutch) who is specially recruited and selected and willing to live-in or live-out. How many hours and days she works and which tasks performs is entirely flexible. The Flex Nanny doesn’t need a visa or working permit and could start working in 4-8 weeks after placing the command.

A Flex Nanny is a customized program. The expences depend on the experiences of the Flex Nanny, tasks and working hours. We would be more than happy to provide you with more insight in the possibilities and expences.